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Chela Audio is dedicated to hand crafted works of art, we are not mass produced audio
Our designs are unique and takes
advantage of the best technologies available, mixed
with a great dose of experience and intuition.

We strive for the best    One job at a time!

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Coming soon,  single ended  amplifiers
CH Design 230
 With an Integrated amplifier we not only eliminate the cable run from a pre-amplifier and all the potential problems and expenses associated with them but also eliminate an extra two or more steps of amplification, keeping the parts count to a bare minimum, only 3 tubes in the signal path a voltage amplifier / driver and the output tubes, only a phono stage for your turntable  is needed  inputs provided for  CD, DVD, Tape deck. 
We never use any electrolytic capacitors in our designs, anywhere.

Over rated choke input power supplies for better regulation and current capability.

 Pre-amplifiers  Coming some day ! soon

CH805BWL in Basswood and Natural Shellac.
 Multi-cellular horns

Due to manufacturing complexity the multi-cellulars are no longer offered or sold individually, and are available only as integrated components in speaker systems.

Formed by a cluster of smaller exponential horn cells, available in different numbers according to their dispersion pattern, each cell is small enough to avoid beaming in a large frequency range, however they start beaming at the highest frequencies but thanks to the circular pattern formed by the cluster of many individual cells the coverage is quite uniform, together they form a large sector of a sphere large enough to control directivity down to fairly low frequencies. The cluster acts as one big horn at the lower frequencies.

The honky horn characteristic is not present in my wood designs, only true natural and sweet sound.


Handcrafted works of art, a fully horn loaded speaker with 15" driver and compounded smooth round shapes, no sharp corners, parallel walls or horn bends, mostly free of resonance and parallel reflections. Fired up to the ceiling through a straight passage of a calculated shape, a mixture of straight horn, and tuned pipe that could be used anywhere in your room or in the corners using the ceiling and adjacent walls as an extension of the horn.  

The floor is often cramped with objects causing unwanted vibrations and cavity resonances but the ceilings offer a relatively unobstructed pass for the sound and since low frequencies are non-directional they may generate from anywhere nearby without affecting directivity or reproduction. Front loaded with a mid-bass horn.
 The higher frequencies reproduced by a compression driver such as Altec 288, horn-loaded with a 15 cell CH1505BW multi-cellular, a two way all horn loaded system.

Ever wonder where the pipes are pointed in a church organ ?

Has anyone ever seen a square, flat surfaced acoustic musical instrument ?

Big speaker Big sound!

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Altec Field Coil Conversions
Permanent magnet conversion
to field coil electromagnet                    
Through many years of listening we agree with many that the field coil driver is the most natural warm and accurate reproducer in existence, these drivers use a power supply to feed their field coils to produce the powerful magnetic field needed for the high efficiency and accurate reproduction of music,  as it was used many years ago at the beginning of sound amplification, famous drivers such as Altec 284, 287, 801, Western Electric 594, 555 and many others used this principle and are the most wanted drivers by collectors and audiophiles as well for their rarity and sound qualities.

Field Coil  Woofer

CH416AFC  Field Coil Low Frequency Driver

With a variable power supply the parameters can be changed by adjusting the potential  to the field coil from almost  no magnetic flux to over 16000 Gauss and a fine tune of your cabinet to the driver is possible,  or change it to your preferences and taste.
A huge 8 Lbs field Coil.

CHFC1  Field Coil
 High Frequency Driver

      CHFC1  Field Coil High Frequency Driver

         The  CHFC1 driver incorporates a huge  field coil that requires 28V dc at 0.67 amp.
         The huge size of the field coil provides the driver with a very powerful magnetic fiel
         with negligible heat generation.

Amplifiers Pre amplifiers Loudspeakers & Horns Drivers Shipping Technical papers Archives
Parts and Accessories

aBase II
Adjustable Stand
No longer available

Turntable Mat

Sustand  II
Suspending System

No longer available

Amplifiers Pre amplifiers Loudspeakers & Horns Drivers Parts & Accessories Technical papers Archives


Shipping procedures
Wood horns

Shipping  Worldwide.

We offer very inexpensive International airport-to-airport air shipping to many cities in the world for a low flat fee, including full insurance. Please check the unit of interest for shipping costs.
The buyer is responsible to make arrangements or personally pick-up the items from the designated airport and Customs. Please email  us for airport and city  nearest you.
There are no handling fees, only the actual shipping costs.
The Buyer is responsible for Customs and Taxes duties in their countries, if any.
Shipping in the US is less, please email for quote. 

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Technical Papers

Base for 288 driver assenbly instructions Crossover Set-up Procedures Diaphragm Installation Problems 800S6V Power supply
Base Assembly
Field Coil Drivers Hookup Diaphragm Installation Issues

Field Coil  
Power Supply            No longer available

Amplifiers Pre amplifiers Loudspeakers & Horns Drivers Parts & Accessories Shipping Technical Papers

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