Some interesting photos and findings from Dietmar of Germany

I tested Vitavox S1, Altec 288-16K and Philips 5502 (see picture) Frequency range from 250Hz to 5kHz is + - 2db !!!!!!!!!!!.

 That sounds very nice and natural, (specially wooden Instruments on classic) Same Driver on the original 1505 makes a long  at resonating tone at 380Hz and +3db..

I am happy with my decision  and congratulate you  to that fine work."

" I measured  that the Damping of  wood (using Brüel & Kjaer accelerating equipment )  is much better than metal or fiberglas."

The Following pictures are a courtesy of  
Bernd Uecker and Audio Eagle.

Audio Eagle  has a very inrersting and informattive
site with  many photos and links.

       Cool Speakers, aren't they?

       The source components plus pre amp   

       Nearfield view of mids and treble multicell horns

    Dietmar presenting his system

Part 2 of Dietmar's presentation
 Dietmar's friend

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