Altec 820A
    Gary Loo             

Gary Loo                                          Hong Kong
CH-808 Multicellular/ Altec 820A
Preliminary fit and test.

"Hi Carlos,

  .. also need to arrange a carpenter to enlarge the size of the horn mouth for your new horn to be fitted in to my cabinet. Now everything is done (see attached photos). I have been listen it for a week and almost replay all of my CDs. The result is so GREAT, it gives more natural playback in wooden instruments specially on classical music, more details in mid range frequency and even my lower range frequency are getting better too. I m glad to make a good try and decision to have your fine craftsmanship in this 808 project. For the coming few months that I will try all my LPs and to see what are the difference between now and before. I will letting you know the result by then."

B Regards!


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