Marvin Snyder
New System


Marvin Snyder
Trussville, Alabama USA

"Carlos, Here is a picture of the bass enclosures I have designed. I will be using an 800Hz, 2nd. order crossover built by a friend. They use the same plywood as the horns. Baltic Birch. I have Altec 416b bass drivers. I hope to have them finished soon. I will keep you updated. 

Marvin "
" Carlos,
Good to hear from you. The horns are the centerpiece of my music room.
Everyone who sees them are very impressed.
I am able to hear the highs
anywhere in the room. They are truly a work of art. I am very proud to
own them. The GPA 399's are a perfect match.
My new sound is awsome.
Thanks for your effort.

Marvin "

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