Steven Lewis 
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
French Horn Maker 


Steven Lewis wrote;

I am extremely well pleased. Your craftsmanship is wonderful to behold, and the satisfaction I derive from listening feeds my soul.

Carlos,                                               February 6, 2013 9:59 AM
Apologies for the long delay in responding to you.
With the system in place, Sculptures & BWS 18 watt SET power amplifiers, and in a space that is reasonably optimal for sound reproduction, I find the sound to be very detailed and complete. Nothing can really reproduce the sound of the orchestra from a spatial standpoint. If I sit within the orchestra, it is a collective resonance, and specific definition of each instrument around me. Listening in a concert hall, the sound stage and spatial effect is enormous. No listening system duplicates these experiences. In recordings, we are at the mercy of the concepts and imaginations of the engineer, balancing engineer, producer, and mastering engineer. As I mentioned above, your sculptures are very complete and detailed in the way they convey the musical nuance of the instrument or orchestra. Given the physical caveats (engineers et al), oh, and not to mention the concert hall, I hear what I enjoy. The sound is very even, and natural. There is no delay, and the sound is not cumbersome.
One is not fatigued after listening for extended periods of time. I can trust the quality of the reproduction, and that more than anything else, draws me to listen to this system.
I hope you are well,

Best regards,
Steve Lewis

Steven Lewis
A performer for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Honolulu Symmphony and Florida Gulf Coast Orchestra, to name few.
An audio recording engineer and producer.
An internationally renown French Horn manufaturer.
One happy owner of the Sculptures Loudspeakers.


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