Chela Audio

Design 230

High definition integrated Amplifier
Triode connected

A high quality integrated power amplifier KT90 in triode mode.

The input signal is fed to a single ended special transformer steps attenuator gain control to a 6C45Pi high gain low plate impedance triode that doubles as input and driver tube! with it's own bias control, that drives the splitter transformer to provide the KT90 output tubes with the correct phase for their operation in triode connection, No feedback.

Bias control for each tube including the first voltage amplifiers/drivers.

The 6C45Pi is the Russian equivalent to the Telefunken EC8020 and the Western Electric 437 triode tubes and may be wired for their use.
Three stereo inputs, selected by the center rotary switch which are located on the back panel closest to the special input selector switch and to the low level voltage amplifier avoiding long cable runs inside the chassis, (all controls are located at the back of the unit with long shafts that reach the front panel control knobs).
Only a phono stage amplifier for your turntable is needed, inputs provided for CD, DVD, tape deck etc. (three input selections) that are precisely controlled by the special all transformer step attenuator gain controls.Or can be set at a pre-determined input sensitivity with the gain controls and use your own high quality low output impedance line pre-amplifier.

The 530V power supply includes super fast soft recovery rectifier diodes, in a special choke input configuration that shares a pair of common plate supply transformers with five input chokes in total. One main paper in oil high voltage capacitor per channel that eliminates noises and provides higher regulation and current when needed.
No Electrolytic capacitors are used anywhere.

Also available with all tube rectification

Sound is similar to tube rectification circuits thanks to diode noise elimination.
Also available with all tube rectification.

There are no bypass or coupling capacitors in the signal path from input to speakers, it is all transformer coupled, and only 3 resistors, this topology eliminates parts count and capacitor induced distortions at all levels of amplification, and results in the most natural sound, with high definition, the finest detail and lots of air and separation among instruments, the closest
to a live performance ever.!

The CH230 uses the KT90 output tubes in triode connection for more bass driving capability with difficult loads, and is the result of many years of intense dedication, careful listening and experimentation with many parts and configurations, until the ultimate in sound was achieved. Hundreds of test and auditions were performed to accomplish it!.

Reproducing sound as sweet as a single ended with strong bass and body,simply stunning
in every respect, resolution of detail is incredible, with a vivid, transparent, magic quality
that is captivating, the closest to a life-like experience, with body, weight and presence.

CH Design 230 back view

An amplifier made for the most discriminating listeners.

    • Sensitivity - 0.7Vrms input for full output power.
    • Input Impedance - 10Kohmswith compensated input transformer each channel.
    • Output Impedance - Wired choices of 4 and 8 Ohms or single 16 Ohms
    • Output Power - Conservatively rated at 30W RMS per channel.
    • Frequency response - 22Hz to 25,000 Hz. at full power.
    • Intermodulation Distortion - Less than 3 %
    • Total Harmonic Distortion -Less than 3 % at full power
    • Output configuration /ch. Two KT90 power penthodes in push-pull class AB Triode connected configuration with zero overall negative feedback, performs in class A at normal listening levels with high efficiency loudspeakers goes to class AB at higher outputs when needed. Bias adjustment is provided for each and every tube.
    • Gain Control - Precision Step controls with special input transformer attenuators.Single step attenuator per channel control with 24 steps at 2db per step. Or double control with 3db and 10db per step. No resistors or potentiometers.
    • Power - 110V/ 220V Ac 50/ 60 Hz.
    • Size -18”W x 14”D x 11” H ( including Tubes and cage) (18" W x 16" D x 11" H All tube rectifier )
    • Weight - Copper 115 Lbs. Composite 85.5 Lbs.
    Construction :

    Double deck, all copper or composite chassis construction with aluminum top and bottom covers.
    3/8” Machined anodized aluminum front plate.
    Solid anodized aluminum control knobs.
    High quality gold plated and Teflon input RCA type jacks.
    High Quality Gold plated output posts.
    All ceramic or Teflon  sockets with silver or gold plated pins.
    Hand Made, point to point construction.
    High quality Sowter and Lundahl transformers.
    All transformer coupling including input.
    No electrolytic capacitors are used either in the power supply or anywhere.
    All transformer input step gain control, no potentiometer or resistive step attenuator.
    Minimal quantity of resistors and no capacitors in the signal path.
        • Warranty :
            Seven years limited warranty in parts and labor against any defects and failures due to normal use, except the tubes that carry 2 years warranty from the date of delivery.

            30 days Money back Warranty: (Subjected to 29% re-stocking fee)Shipping both ways is NOT covered by this warranty, and the customer is responsible for shipping expenses .

            We believe that the audio listening experience is very prone to individual preferences and subjective perceptions, as well as variations in speaker characteristics and rooms acoustics that may have a big effect in the sound perception, therefore if by a rare chance you don't like the sound of the CH230 you may return it within 30 days of arrival for a refund, provided the amplifier has not been tampered, copied, damaged, electrically or cosmetically. 29% return fee.

            Shipping expenses are not covered and the buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses both ways, taxes and customs duties if any.
            Inexpensive international airport to airport shipping available .
            A 60% of the sale price is charged
            when ordered due to the high expenses involved in the construction of Design 230  and will take about 5 months to finish and ship.
            Shipping insurance is required.

            Your choice of copper or composite chassis.

            The chassis shown is made of a composite sandwich of carbon fiber and Kevlar forming one solid unit, with a special magnetic conductive coating for low noise, same type of high performance materials used in modern composite aircraft manufacture, offering high stability, weight reduction, stiffness, strength and durability.

            The Top, back and bottom covers are offered painted as shown,or anodized in the color of your choice,Black, Silver, Gold, Orange copper.

            The front Plate is offered in plain or anodized aluminum with the color of your choice.

            Sides of solid wood of your choice. Teak, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, walnut, etc.

            Ventilation ports openings in the copper chassis are covered with perforated anodized aluminum, matching the covers color, or as shown in the composite chassis with the stainless steel mesh option.

              Includes a mesh and wood tube cage.

                     US $19,800.00

                     An all transformer amplifiers topology.

                     All tube rectification add $1800

                     Shipping not included . Wire transfer, M.O.or checks.

            Chela Audio (CH Audio Design, Co.)
            14272 SW. 140 St. #103
            Miami, FL 33186


            Chela Audio reserves the right to change any specifications that will aid in improvements and measurements from time to time without prior notice.
            US $19,800.00

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