Full lobe multicellular in exotic SD Burmese Teak Wood
High polish Shellac Finish

         Latest version Burmese Teak CH1505BT  no bracing; cork damping, shellac finished, 380 pieces glued together !
 The full lobed version of the CH1505 in Burmese Teak is one of the most exotic pieces ever created, carefully braced and bent to form the contours of a true exponential cell creating the most beautiful sound attainable a very special oily wood put together with proprietary high strength glues, providing a very stable, stiff and strong structure.

365 pieces of wood are glued together, some have to be carved
and shaped by hand for the fabrication of each CH1505BT Burmese
Teak multicellular horn

A total of 730 pieces for one pair!

Handcrafted with most care and high attention to detail.

Weight is only 14 Lbs. per horn !

The multicellular is attached directly to the driver, they are built for the specific driver of your choice, the throat is one piece carved out of a solid block of Burmese teak, they are all Burmese Teak construction, the flange to mount the driver is also a specially built all Burmese Teak plywood !.. all wood and natural glue materials, offering a very smooth transition from the round throat area of the driver end to the square mouth end entrance to the multicellular arrange of cells. Finished naturally to high polish surfaces.

 A Masterpiece of sound and craftsmanship!
Hand crafted with high attention to detail


Chela Audio, Co.

7 Years limited Warranty.
Chela Audio will repair or replace any of it's  speaker systems and  components against any manufacturing defects in material  and workmanship for seven years from the delivery date, providing  the damage is not caused  by  rain or water / high humidity or extreme temperatures,  insects or animals, or dropped, broken
or punctured,  misuse , re-coating or painting  voids this warranty.

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