Is there any flat, square surfaced acoustic musical instrument ?

Chela Audio .  Sculptures Loudspeakers;
A fully horn loaded two way system.

 Using the ceiling and adjacent walls as extensions of the horn together with an anti-resonant tuned all cork padded chamber, and a special calculated shaped conical horn, a very low frequency response in a relatively small enclosure is achieved, crossed at 500 Hz. in a two way system, the front mid-bass horn takes care of the mid bass while the lower non directional low frequencies are directed towards the ceiling, that is, the ceiling and adjacent walls act as an extension to the low frequency horn. The lower frequencies not been directional in nature do not source a particular spot or area but feel as coming from everywhere. Bass is not restrained to floors!
They may be placed anywhere in the room not necessarily a corner speaker.
Big Speaker, Big sound !
Same experience with the high frequency multicellular "hear things that were not there before" !


Ever wonder where the pipes are pointed in a pipe organ ?
How fulfilling and deep the bass is!
 Compounded curves design with cork underlie, avoiding Eigentone resonances.
465 pieces of wood (483 with the CH1505BW full lobed version) are carefully measured, cut, shaped, hand sanded and glued together to form one and each complete Sculpture loudspeaker ! then and finally, hand sanded to finish, stained and finished in natural shellac. All stainless steel hardware, nothing will oxidize with time.

How may I explain with words the magnificent and grandiose sound they reproduce!
I can no longer go through life without a pair in my living room.!!! Once experienced, you will agree!

Yes, they sound as good as they are!   Big!

All hand-crafted with great attention to detail

Presented here in two tones, Rose wood and clear Shellac finish. Cork covered mid-bass horn.

Main Body

A straight horn with compounded smooth curves and no bends parallel walls, or flat surfaces that causes reflexions and resonances..

 Carefully handcrafted to the smallest detail, cork covered inside, suppressing many resonances.


Fitted with new 288H high frequency  and a 416  15" low frequency drivers  


Your choice of passive or active crossover, shown with custom made passive crossover

All high quality stainless steel anchor " T " nuts and hardware to fasten the drivers and Mid-Bass horn.

Frequency Response of the Sculptures at 1 meter on axis
Measurements taken at normal listening levels
No anechoic chamber was used. Using the ceiling and adjacent walls as extensions of the horn.
Frequency response down to 28Hz. depending of room size and acoustics, may go even lower in bigger size rooms.
Size: 84 in. high, 31 in. wide 39 in. deep.(Maximum sizes)
Weight (each) :
Main Body 101 Lbs (with drivers)
Mid-Bass Horn 22 Lbs
Multi-cellular 7 Lbs
Total weight 130 Lbs.
Stand alone crossover 7 Lbs.

Price: $27,980 complete, includes drivers and crossover.
Now available with the CH1505BWLD direct coupled full lobe  15 cell horns. (saves 7 inches in depth for a shallower Sculpture)
Building time approximately 6 months.
Very exclusive units, Only few made per year. .

Warranty :

Seven years limited warranty in parts and labor against any manufacturing defects and failures due to normal use from the date of delivery. Chela Audio, Co. will repair or replace the "Sculptures" loudspeakers including the multicellular horns, mid bass horn and components providing they are not accidentally damaged, exposed to rain, water, high humidity, extreme temperatures or damaged by insects or animals, dropped, broken or punctured.  Re-coating or painting the multi-cellular horns voids this warranty.


Will ship ground freight and international airport to airport to save in shipping. please email us for shipping expenses to your destination. Shipping insurance is required.

Chela Audio, Co. reserves the right to change any specifications that will aid in improvements and measurements from time to time without prior notice. All rights reserved May 2008


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